Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly groceries at Pierce's

It was a slow week for the deals at Pierce's, except in the produce aisle! I had to take 2 kids with me, so it took me awhile to finish everything. We had extra money in the budget, so there are several 'just because' items. You need to splurge and do that every once in awhile to be sane!
  • Pork steaks $1.37/lb (so yummy! they cook up great in the crock pot)
  • Doritos $2.50
  • Popsicles 0.88
  • M & M's 0.79- free with free chocolate fridays coupon
  • Canola oil $2.99
  • Soymilk $3.23, 0.55 IP
  • Blueberry fruit bars $2.93
  • Popcorn $1.69
  • 2 Surefine sugar $1.68 each
  • Oscar mayer lunch meat $2.79 each, $1/2 MQ
  • Green leaf lettuce 0.99/lb
  • green and red grapes $0.98/lb
  • Mango 0.78
  • Quaker oatmeal bars $3.53
  • Chicken breast 3lb bag $4.68
  • Meatloaf seasoning $1.49
  • Kraft cheese singles $1.98 each, $1/2
  • Honeydew melon $2.50
  • Roma Tomato $0.99/lb
  • Dill pickles $1.95

I was able to use some in house coupons as well. My total out of pocket amount was $47.45, with a coupon and ad savings of $27.84!

Looking forward to a Walgreen's run tomorrow. I'll get that post up as soon as I can! Our meals this week are mostly pre-made (we grilled up a ton of stuff on Sunday), or easy like sandwiches. Swim lessons started today and are at 4pm. Many of you may know that we are 'early eaters', meaning we usually eat supper by 4:30 or 5. So once swimming starts, it is easy meals for 2 weeks. Anything I can pre-make or make fast will qualify this week. Plus we will eat out one night because the kids all got a "free one topping personal pan pizza" card at a festival we attended on Saturday. Cheap eats!

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