Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second run to Pierce's

Just call me the Koolaid queen I guess. Did you all see the coupon this past weekend? Buy 10 packs of Koolaid and get $2 off any sugar? Yeah, I found a few of those.
  • 170 packs of Koolaid 9/0.99 (a very good sale price)
  • 17 bags of sugar $1.68 each, free after MQ
  • 3 Fisher cheese curls $0.98 each, $1 MQ
  • 1 Fisher Fusions $2.19, $1 MQ
  • 1 M &M 0.73, free after MQ
  • 1 Cascade rinse agent $3.23, free after coupon from mailer

My total out of pocket was only $15.70 after all the coupons. My total savings of coupons and sales was $79.36. I even got the 'overage' on the sugar applied to my total of the groceries. And yes, we won't need Koolaid or sugar for a very long time. Since we went to a 'soda free' house about 4 months ago, the hubby likes to drink koolaid instead. This way, I'll have plenty on hand!


  1. Hi Kendra can you please explain to me what an "overage" is. Thanks Heather

  2. Wow, you have been a busy gal. I did a Target run again today and now I am ready to stay out of the store for a while! I am doing a Pig run tomorrow and then I will begin my challenge to see how long I can stay away! We shall see what happens! You rocked the Koolaid deals! I can't believe all that free sugar! JC

  3. Ok Heather, an overage is when the store credits you the full amount of the coupon even if the product is less expensive. In this example, I got $2 off each sugar, but it only cost $1.68 each. That extra 32 cents each came off my total purchase price. Not all stores all overage, in fact Pierce's usually does not. But I am not complaining about it this time!

  4. Would you consider trading some tin foil for sugar??? MM

  5. I have a question on the strawberries, you said you had a $1.00 off in store coupon and the berries were 1.29. Did you have 10 of these coupons or was the store coupon usable for each pound you bought?

  6. I think the strawberries you are referring to was a transaction that I did at Target. I had an in-store Target coupon that was for each carton. I bought 6 pounds and used 6 coupons.