Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Round two...Kmart

Well, I knew immediately after my Sunday trip to Kmart that I would need to make another one! I got lucky on Monday and got to run there child free! Here's the lowdown....
  • 2 Cutter bug spray $5.39, $2 MQ- $1.39 after coupon (I warned you about my mosquito spray excitement on the last post)
  • 2 Lysol toilet cleaner $2.29 each , $1/2 MQ- $1.29 each after coupon
  • 3 Chinet plates $3.49, $2 MQ- free after coupons
  • 3 Oust spray either $3.29 or $3.79 each, $2 MQ- free after coupons
  • 4 Chef boyardee cans $1 each, $1/4 MQ- 0.50 each after coupon

My before total was $41 something, my out of pocket after doubled coupons was $8.59. Really awesome! Keep me posted on the deals you are getting.

I also ran to Walgreen's on Monday and will get to that post later. I got some good deals but also ran into a very rude/mean cashier. I even ended up calling Corporate headquarters for Walgreen's after the visit. I'm still pretty riled up, so I'm taking a little extra time to post it accurately. You'll probably be able to see it online Wednesday night. Until then......

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