Monday, June 8, 2009

Round one....Kmart

Here's the first of two trips (so far) I made to Kmart to 'do' their double coupons. Let me run it all down for you.....Keep in mind I am writing the coupon value before it is doubled, and that it will not fully double the coupon if the item is less than that amount. Also for the record, the cashier did not make me separate my transactions to be able to use more than 10 hassle at all!
  • 2 Hawaiin Tropic sun lotion $5 each, $2 IP coupon- $1 each after Q
  • 2 Suave body wash $2 each, $1/2 MQ- $1 each after Q
  • 1 Secret Deodorant $2.49, $1 MQ- 0.49 after Q
  • 3 Johnson's Buddies soap 0.99 each, $3/3 IP- free after coupon (not doubled)
  • 2 Miracle grow fertilizer $1.61 each, no coupon
  • 1 pair swimming goggles $2.39, no coupon but was 20% off
  • 2 Cutter mosquito spray $5.39 each, $2 MQ- $1.39 each after Q
  • 1 Deep woods Off! $5.79, $1 MQ, $3.79 after Q
  • 2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $2.29 each, $1/2 MQ- $1.29 each after Q
  • 5 boxes Ziplock bags $1.99 each, $1 MQ- free after coupon
  • 1 Cottonelle wipes $3.29, $0.50 MQ- $2.29 after coupon
  • 3 General mills cereal $2 each, $1/3 MQ- $4 total for 3 boxes after Q
  • 4 boxes Saltines crackers $2.69 each, $1 IP, 0.69 each after Q
  • 2 Coffeemate creamer $2.99 each, $1.50/2 IP, $1.49 each after Q
  • 4 Chef Boyardee cans $1 each, $1/4 MQ, 0.50 each after Q
  • 4 Hidden Valley Ranch dressing $2.99 each, $1.50/2 IP, $1.49 each after Q
  • Chinet plates $3.49, $2 MQ- free after Q
  • 1 Folgers coffee $5.49, 0.25 MQ- $4.99 after Q

Quite a bit of stuff, I'm probably most excited about the mosquito spray. Can you say LOSER? But we go through quite a bit of it here in mosquito haven where we live. My grand total was over $100 (I wish these receipts would list the before total), I remember glancing up at it and it was over that amount. My final out of pocket was $41.46 for this trip. I was very excited because we sure brought home a lot of stuff. Plus I had hubby and all 3 kids with us- that alone is an accomplishment!

Leave me a comment and highlight your Kmart trip this week to share with everyone! Stay tuned for the next trip. I'm working on that post next!


  1. I rocked Kmart. Got my $20 prescription card and only spent $17 of it. I even went back to get more juice. I got 5 juices, 4 premium crackers, 4 toll house cookies, 3 buddies, 3 puddings, 2 chinet plates (I only had $1 coupons), 8 fruit cups. I had a great trip and might even manage another trip this week! You are an inspiration. JC

  2. Thank You Kendra! I was so excited that I saved more than I spent. I made a small purchase of the Ranch dressing, Cutters and Sandies cookies. THANK YOU!! g.