Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Rockin' Target Deal...personal best

This picture just doesn't even do justice to the MAJOR deals I got today. Frankly, even I was surprise how low my total went once I looked at my overflowing cart. And to think, I only thought I was picking up a few things......
  • 5 Glade tin candles $1.67, $1.50 MQ from inside the tin = 0.17 each
  • 1 Swiffer wet cloths $3.50, $1 MQ = 2.50
  • 1 Dawn direct foam $2.29, $2 MQ = 0.29
  • 6 Dawn Pure Essentials $2.09 ea, $1.50 MQ = 0.59 each
  • 9 Soft soft pumps $2.04 each, $2 target Q = 0.04 each
  • 1 Softsoft refill bottle $3.99, $2 IP and $2 target Q = -0.01
  • 2 Oil of Olay bars $0.97 each, $1 MQ = -0.03 each
  • 4 Mentos gum clearance $0.46 ea, 0.55 MQ = -0.09 ea
  • 6 bags Target tortilla chips $2.33 each, $1 target Q = $1.33 ea
  • 3 target salsa= 1 jar free for each 2 bags of tortilla chips (above)
  • 2 bx True Delight bars $2.89 ea, $1 MQ = $1.89 ea
  • 1 South Beach fiber bars $1.48 clearance, $2 IP = -0.52
  • 8 A1 sauce $2.09 each, $2 MQ each = 0.09 ea
  • 2 Pace Specialty salsa #2.09 each, $2 MQ and $0.50 target Q = -0.41 ea
  • 2 Quaker oatmeal bars $2.69 (no coupons)
  • 2 4pk dole fruit cups $2.04 each, $1/2 IP = 1.54 each
  • 2 cans Dole mandarin oranges $0.79 ea, $0.50/2 IP = 0.54 ea
  • 3 Nexcare bandaids $0.99 each, $1 IP = -0.01 ea
  • 1 small Dixie paper plates $1, $0.35 MQ = 0.65
  • 1 Nestle chocolate chips $2.29 (no coupons)
  • 2 Ziplock containers $2.49 each, $1.50/2 MQ and $1 target Q = 0.75 each
  • 6 1lb Strawberry containers $1.99 each, $1 target Q = 0.99 ea
  • 4 1.25lb packs Gold 'N Plump chicken breasts $1.99 ea, $2 MQ = -.01 ea
  • 3 more Gold 'N Plump chicken breasts $1.99 ea, $1 MQ = 0.99 each
  • 4 pk Gold 'N Plump chicken drumsticks $2.49 each, $1.50 MQ = 0.99 each

I highlighted the free and negative amounts above since I did receive the coupon 'overage' which was applied to my other purchases. I really cleaned house on the chicken!

My out of pocket total was $45.79, my coupon savings was.....$167.36!!! Whoot whoot! This trip was definitely my personal best so far. It is possible because Target allows you to stack their coupons with a manufacture coupon.

I don't make trips down to Target too often. I have to factor in the gas cost and the time. I certainly couldn't do this with the 3 kids in tow, so I have to arrange my time wisely between all their activities. This trip was worth my time. I find that I am going down there once every month or two which seems to be working out good for my family. I don't post all of my savings just to brag or make you feel bad, I want everyone to see what is possible! You can do it too. It isn't that hard if you can keep up with clipping and organizing your coupons!

Need help getting started? Or do you have any questions? Please leave me a comment and I'll do my best.


  1. urghhhh!!! I really wish I could be a little bug on your shoulder and watch how you organize all this stuff! Seems I can never find coupons for the items I need to buy! You really have good organizational skills girl! Jen Heitz

  2. What a great trip! Just curious ... did you go to the Sun Prairie Target again? I had a little trouble there this week with the $1 Target Pepsi coupon. They made me do separate transactions (had to go to the back of the line w/ my two kids in two for 3 more packs of Pepsi and they were busy). That was the 1st time I've had to do that in many trips. But it was still worth it with all the great buys I got. -- Rachael

  3. I always go to the Sun Prairie Target when I go. I can't beleive they made you do separate transactions! They made my mom do that once too. I dare them to say that to me, I will say OK, and then they'll realize that they will have to do about 30 of them just to get rid of me!

  4. A note to Racheal from Kendras mom. The target coupons do say one per transaction, so they can ask you to do that. I do not go to the back of the line! I stand there and let the clerk ring the items up separate. The one clerk that made me do this had to call for help as the line got long.

  5. Wow what a trip. I sure wish I could figure out how to do that. I have trouble finding coupons for the things I usually buy and need. I also have trouble finding Target coupons where do you find all of yours? Any suggestions for organizing my coupons? Thanks, Heather

  6. For Target coupons I usually go to, but you can also find them at I use an index card box for my coupons which allows me to have as many categories as I want. I quickly outgrew the accordian type coupon systems. I have also used a 4x6 photo album in the past (the small kind). I will add that finding a coupon to use on the meat is a pretty rare coupon. You don't ususally find much for produce and/or meat. When you do, you need to stock up!

  7. Way to go! I wish there was a super target by me.

  8. Okay Kendra, The more I hear the more I like. But, how DO you get started? I tried finding coupons online and it was very overwhelming. I would love for a little bit of help at some point. Thanks, lajamison (from MOPS)

  9. Kendra - WOW! That is something to shoot for. I can't do much with the meat stock up. Only have the one freezer, but I am getting better about stocking up my non-perishables when I get a good enough deal.

    Great job!

  10. That is so awesome. Great job! I just love reading deal stories like this.

  11. I need to start watching the target sales more as a super target is opening in Waukesha soon. Do you have favorite target sites for matching up coupons?