Friday, February 5, 2010

Frugal Friday Financial Update

It's a new month (a couple days late I admit) so it's time to take a look at how my month of January went for my family.

If you want to review my goals you can see them here.

A change I recently made was to return to my grocery budget back to $70 a week. I tried to decrease it last month and ended up over budget, not good. I will try to ease back towards that goal, but just not yet.

As you may recall, I also want to pay down my debt. We started January at having paid off 40% of all of our debt. I am happy to say that in January we were able to pay an additional 12% ! We have now paid off 52% of all of our consumer debt excluding our mortgage. Yippee!

We have lots more work to do on our debt, but first I need to get the taxes done so I can plan for replacing the roof in the spring.

How are you doing on your goals this year? Let us know so we can support each other.

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