Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mad Crazy Deals

I got the above deal at Walmart on Thursday evening. I don't usually shop Walmart, but there were a couple items I needed that were available only there in town.

Theses shrimp poppers are $1.58, found in the frozen food fish area. Directly below the boxes were another product that SeaPak makes with a $1 peelie on them that stated "$1 off any SeaPak product". I peeled a few off (don't worry, I didn't take them all) and got each box of poppers for $0.58! My kids love these!

This Olay deal is AWESOME! I got this at Target and the deal is available until 3/27 so you have plenty of time to get it.

Buy 3 Olay body washes or 6+ bar packs of soap for $5.50 each and recieve a $5 Target gift card.

3 @ 5.50 = 16.50
                -    5.00
                   11.50         (but I also had coupons $1 off)
                -   3.00

Now you can submit it to P&G for a $15.00 rebate going on right now for buying 3 packs of Olay soap or body washes.

NET= $6.50 Moneymaker !!!!!

I just love a good deal.

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