Thursday, February 18, 2010

HyVee tip from a reader

From reader Tami.....

I was on the HyVee Grocery Website today and clicked on Helpful Ideas. It takes you to a page that gives you all the coupon match ups for there weekly sales and spots to click to get the coupons for there items that are on sale if you don’t have the coupon. They do accept internet coupons up to $2.50.
Happy Shopping.

Thanks for the info Tami!


  1. I persoanlly did not think their prices were that good. In fact there have been no good deals the 2 times I've been there. I will recheck the ads.

  2. I agree some of there prices are really high in comparison but I have found many "deals" in the organic section for a child of mine that has food allergies on items I have normally had to order on the internet and pay for shipping. They also have some items that Portage grocery stores don't carry that I like once and awhile. It was worth a stop if I'm in Madison I thought. :)