Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pierce's Highlights for the Week

Here are the deals that I see this week. As always, be sure to check out their website or ad directly to ensure I didn't miss anything.

Page one
Triscuit or Wheat Thins $2, use $1 MQ
Philadelphia cream cheese $1, use $1.25/3 MQ
Pace salsa $2
Broccoli $0.68/lb
Tombstone pizza, in ad coupon for buy 3 get 1 free- check the prices to make sure this is a deal
Ground Chuck $1.88/lb

Page two
Kraft singles, shredded or chunk cheese $2, use $1/2 MQ
Kraft parmesan cheese $2.98, use $1 IP

Page three
application for the new card program

Page four
Ortega refried beans $0.88, use $0.75/2 MQ
Baked Lays chips $2.88, use $1 IP
Ro-Tel tomatos $1, use buy 2 get 1 MQ
Velveeta in store coupon for $1 off- combine with $1 IP
Johnsonville brats $2.78, use $1/2 MQ
Nabisco ritz or crackerfuls $2.50, use $1 MQ
Hidden Valley dressing $2.78, use $1 IP
Totino's party pizza $1

Page five
Surefine pasta $0.88
Velveeta shells & cheese 3/$4.98, use $1.50/2 IP and get BBQ sauce free when you buy velveeta
KoolAid packets 8/$1
Swiss Miss hot cocoa $1

Page six
Dole salad bags $1.50
Avocados $0.98
T. Marzetti dips $2.50, use $0.75 MQ

That is all I see folks. Happy shopping.

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