Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update on coupon inserts

As you recall, a rumor was floating around about the Portage Daily Register no longer carrying coupon inserts in their Saturday newspaper. There was also question about whether the State Journal might also cancel carrying the inserts.

On the suggestion of a reader, I emailed George Althoff, the publisher of the Portage newspaper. I would like to share part of his response with you.

"Thanks for the inquiry. We were informed about three weeks ago that the company which produces the Smart Source coupons had decided to drop Portage, Baraboo and Beaver Dam from its distribution list. I called and was told it was because they had sought a rate reduction from us and that we were unwilling to meet their demands. But NO ONE in our organization has any recollection of being contacted by this company. I also was told they will review their distribution list in July. So we intend to make a new pitch to them in about April. Also, we are still inserting the Valassis coupons most weeks.

Obviously, we want their business back. But their failure to adequately communicate with us has been frustrating. We will make every effort to get these coupons back in the Daily Register.

As for the Wisconsin State Journal, I have no reason to believe there is any truth to that rumor. "
I'm not sure where to go from here, or it there is anything we can do. I hope he is right about the State Journal.
If anyone out there cancels a newspaper subscription because of this issue, please be sure to tell them why. If they keep getting feedback about this, they will be more likely to pursue it!
I will likely let my subscription run out until they resume the coupon inserts. I guess I may need to be more diligent about getting multiple copies of the Sunday paper.


  1. The insert in the Journal this week was nothing to write home about. In fact, it is terrible. About 10 coupons on uless items.

  2. I agree, hoping it was just a slow week for coupons. It happens once in awhile.