Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Reader's Kmart success

I've been following your blog for about 3 months now and thought I would share that I did stop at Kmart today!

My transaction consisted of:

3 Gillette Men's Bodywash 2/$8 = $12
4 Ziplock Containers 2/$5 = $10
5 Dove Deoderants $3.79 ea = $18.95

Q's used in the order I used them

3 $2 Off Gillette Mens Bodywash Doubled $12 Making Gillette Free
2 $1.50 Ziplock containers Doubled $6 Making containers $1 ea. package
5 $2 Dove IP Q's Not doubled = $10

Total OOP was $15.79 plus I got a $5 off your next order, $5 off $25 H&B purchase, $5 off $50 consumables or H & B purchase.

Taking in consideration I have plans to use the $5 OYO and the $5 off $25 to lower OOP on my next trip(s) I feel like this trip ended up costing me $5.79 All in all I feel it was worth the trip!!!!


  1. Just wondering why the Dove $2 coupons weren't doubled?
    Thank you!

  2. If a coupon says "do not double" then sometimes the register will not double it. That may be what happened.

  3. wouldn't it have been cause they're only doubling the first 5 coupons you give them?

    ooh, and i was super excited to find out (by accident) that they do, even just sometimes, double the ones that say not to ...i felt bad but whatcha gonna do? :)