Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Kmart trip, I'll probably do another trip!

First off, a little birdie told me that she was able to do more than one transaction on her card. I tried it and was able to do two transactions today. However, the register will NOT allow you to double more than 5 coupons in a transaction. It will only double the first 5 coupons you hand over, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Here is what I did, with final cost too...

Transaction #1:

2 Tampax pearl $4.49, used $2 MQ- $0.49 net each
1 Ziplock container $2.50, used $1- net $0.50
1 Kellogg fruit snack $2, used $1 IP- net free

Transaction #2

1 Selsun shampoo $6.79, used $1 MQ- net $4.79
1 Tampax pearl $4.49, used $2 MQ- net $0.49
3 Ziplock sandwich bags $2.50, used $1/2 mQ- net $3 for 2 boxes (note: these were mismarked on the shelf but they gave it to me for that price), plus has coupon to get one box free when you buy 2 (not doubled)
1 Kelloggs fruit snacks $2, used $1 IP- net free
2 Poptarts $2, used $1/2 IP- net $1 per box

On another note, they have a bunch of winter clothes clearance that you should check out. I got brand new snowpants for $5.99! Super cheap!

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  1. Yeah!!! I had heard this to but was to chicken to find out... Thanks for the info!