Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Frugal Failure

I'm going to fess up to you all. Even experienced couponers have an off day.

I went to Walgreens today to get a couple things. Everything was rung up and I realized I had forgotten my Register Rewards and cash!

Normally, I am ok with telling them to void the transaction, but of course I had one item that I really needed. I went ahead with the purchase- breaking my self-imposed rule and put it on the check card. (oh, the horror!)

Now of course I have to go back again this week since the rewards are expiring in a couple days!

I am sharing this to show you that no one is perfect in this couponing world. Don't be so hard on yourself and learn from your mistakes. There is always tomorrow!

(To make matters worse, I dropped off the videos after Walgreen's only to realize that I forgot to grab the one in the DVD player. So much for combining errands to save gas today:( )


  1. Don't we call that Mommy Mind??? Too many things to do!

  2. been there. done that! i'd guess we all have. its therapeutic to admit it, right :)
    ...at least you didn't forget all your coupons...