Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pierce's Highlights

Here are the deals I see for this week. My household is finally back up and running. Be sure to check out the deals for yourself in person or online.

Page one
Old Orchard apple Juice $1.48, use $0.50 IP
In Store coupon for $2 off when you buy 4 Kellogg's cereal (check prices and coupons)
Raspberries or Blackberries $2.50 each
Hormel county spareribs $0.98/lb- a good stockup price

There are a couple of 10/$10 deals (note: you do not have to buy 10- buy any quantity you want)

Page two
Oscar Mayer lunchables $1.33 each. There have been several coupons on the web
Shurfresh bonless/skinless chicken breast fillets $3.98 for 2.5lb bag
Sunny D juice $1
Large eggs $0.98
Flour tortilla $1.25
Old Orchard OJ concentrate $0.98, $1/4 MQ

Page three
Surefine salsa $0.98
Peter Pan peanut butter $1.68, use $1/2 MQ
Koolaid drink mix 8/$1
Ken's dressing $1.88, use $1 MQ
Shurfine pasta $0.88
shurefine pancake mix $1.50
Lay's potato chips $2.50

Page four
Cauliflower $0.98/lb
dole bagged spinach $1.98
Russet potatoes $0.98 for 5#
Kiwi fruit 3/$0.99

That is all I see for now folks. have a great week.

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