Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Reader Success Story at Walgreens

Thanks to Vicki for letting me in on her shopping trip- you rocked the deals for sure. And to everyone else, feel free to share your success stories anytime by emailing me and I will feature it here!

Hey there, I just thought I’d reply to all those times your blog says, “How’d you do at Walgreens this week?” even though you didn’t ask this week:)

I shouldn’t really be so excited about my trip to WAGS today since I didn’t use or receive any RR and my out of pocket was still 10 bucks but still…it was a messy coupon scenario so I wasn’t positive it would work how i thought it would but it even turned out better than I’d hoped.

I had planned to go to Pardeeville to Piggly Wiggly since they’re milk and qualifying Nabisco cookies are on sale for $1.99 each but couldn’t justify the trip with so few other good deals there this week…glad I went to Walgreens instead cause it ended up not being $.70 more than the Pig, instead it was $.40 less! $3.68 for a gallon of milk and 2 full size pkgs of oreos!

I’m not sure if it’s a system glitch or what but their monthly coupon book coupon says $1 off wyb Nabisco cookies and a gallon of milk. I got two cookies cause the second was free with a different coupon I had. But the Walgreens coupon took off $2 even though I only got one milk…a nice surprise!


1 gallon milk $2.69

2 pkg oreos $3.99ea
2 kelloggs cereal $1.99ea
4 3pk scotch brite sponges $3.99ea(i'm pretty single pks would be free at walmart but we go thru lots so its worth it to have 1 for a buck)

1 gallon distilled water for a filler item $1.19

pre coupon total = 31.80


Wags Q: $1off wyb oreo & 1gallon milk (two oreos purch so it took off $2)

Wags Q: BOGO scotchbrite sponges

Wags Q: 1 gallon distilled water = $.79 so $.40off

$1 off 2 pkg oreos

$1.50 off 2 kelloggs cereal
$1off 1scotch brite sponge (used 4)

$1 off milk wyb 1 kelloggs cereal
Buy 1 gallon milk & 1 pkg oreo get 1 pkg oreo free

($21.87 in coupons)

after coupon total = $9.93

Also, i don’t usually look this close but was pleasantly surprised to see that sales tax is charged on the after coupon total not before like I would’ve guessed.

like william shatner says on his cheesy priceline commercials, i love to speak the language of the deal:)

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