Monday, March 29, 2010

This post is overdue....Homemade laundry soap

I have been meaning to complete a Frugal Friday post on this very topic but Crystal over at beat me to it! Check out here article here which includes a video showing how to make it.

I have made laundry soap and it is very simple and very cheap. I would be doing it now if I didn't have a stockpile of detergent.

Some hints I have learned along the way:
  • No matter what laundry soap I use, we water it down a little. We have a front loading machine that uses HE detergent. I have never bought the HE detergent. In speaking with the salesman who sold me the machine, the only difference is that the HE soap is less sudsing. By watering down the detergent there will be less suds. I have never had an issue with the clothes not being clean.
  • Use less soap! I believe the detergent companies overestimate how much is needed to clean the clothes.
  • I also wear my jeans a couple times if they aren't very dirty. With kids that often change clothes, I try to ensure the clothes are indeed dirty.
That is all for now. Have a great week everyone! Please forgive me for the light number of postings. I am easily pulled away from the computer due to warm weather!

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