Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pierce's Highlights & A couple Piggly Wiggly deals

Here is my list for the upcoming week of deals that I see. Please note you should check out the ad for yourself in store or online.

Piggly Wiggly has better prices on a few of the same items, I will try to note those as well.

Page one
Ground chuck $1.98/lb
Strawberries $1.98/lb ($1.99 at Pig)
Cantaloupe $1.98 ea
Crystal Farm cream cheese $0.88/block
Betty Crocker angel food cake $1.50, there is a $0.75 IP for a BC "super moist" cake- not sure if this is it
Pepsi 2L $1 ($0.99 at Pig)
Tostitos $2.50
Tombstone pizza in-ad coupon buy 3, get 1 free. (Check the prices on this because Pig has these 4/$10)

Page two
Hormel country style spareribs $1.68/lb, you can use $1 MQ for Hormel
Healthy Choice all natural entrees $1.88, use $1/2 MQ

Page three (and fold out)
Act II microwave popcorn $1
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce is $1.78 BUT is ONLY $1 at Pig
Peter pan peanut butter $1.78, use $1/2 MQ
Caprisun is $2 BUT is ONLY 3/$5 at Pig
"Fresh Savings and solutions" deal: buy 10 items and get $5 off with in ad coupon- this does not seem like such a great deal to me because you are spending a minimum of almost $20 for 10 items, and getting $5 off. If you only like Heinz Ketchup or one of the other listed items you may find it worth your time.

Page four
Braeburn apples 5# $3.28
Dole shredded lettuce $1.38
Green Giant baby carrots $0.98

That is all for Pierces. Now I will recap the Pig deals since there are a few.

Piggly Wiggly
Pepsi 2L $0.99
Tombstone pizza 4/$10
Caprisun pouches 3/$5
Lipton/Knorr side dishes $1
Skippy peanut butter $1.49
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ $1
BC fruit snacks $1 (when you buy 4)

Looks like I may be going both places this week!

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