Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pierce's Highlights of the Week/ Piggly Wiggly things

Ham is on sale this week because of Easter, but the price is cheaper at Piggly Wiggly. If you have time it's going to be worth your drive.

Page one
Cook's shank ham portion $1.18/lb ($0.49/lb at Pig is you spend $25- and have ad coupon)
Cook's half ham $1.78/lb
Broccoli $0.78/lb
4# oranges $2.28
Betty Crocker potatoes $1, use $1/2 MQ
Del Monte canned pineapple $0.88

Page two
Hormel Pork butt roast or steaks $1.48/lb
Oscar Mayer bacon 2/$5, use ad coupon to get $1.50/2
Oscar Mayer Deli fresh meats 2/$5, use ad coupon to get $1.50/2, plus use $1/2 MQ
Oscar Mayer lunchables $1.32, use $0.75 IP if you still have them
Gold 'n Plump chicken thighs or drumsticks $2, use $0.75 IP

Page three
Shurfresh young turkey $0.98/lb, a decent price for this time of year

We aren't lamb eaters in this family- so I'm not sure if the $5.98 price is good or not.

Page four- is ad regarding the new rewards program.

Page five
Hi-C juice pouches 3/$4.98- a decent price
Gold Medal flour $1.50, use $0.75 IP (is only $0.98 at Pig with $10 purchase)
Fisher dry roasted peanuts $2.50, use $1 MQ

Page six
Green Giant fresh carrots 2# $0.98
dole bagged salad $1.98

That is all for Pierce's. Now on to a couple noteworthy Piggly Wiggly deals

If you spend $25, there are ad coupons for the following:
  • Cook's ham shank portions $0.49/lb
  • Food club large eggs $0.78
  • Gold Medal flour $0.98
  • Land O Lakes butter $1.79/lb
  • pepsi products 4/$10
Also of note:
Fresh Express bagged salad $0.89
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations or lunchables $1.33 each, use $1.50/2 MQ or $0.75/1 IP
1# Strawberries $2

Have a great week of deals! 


  1. Hey Kendra,
    Did you see the deal at K Mart?
    16 oz. box of RITZ for .87 I used the $1.00 coupon and had an overage. They expire 4/25/2010.
    Have you had a problem with WalMart and coupons? I purchased 5 tubes of toothpaste and used 5 coupons. she read the coupon out loud and said ,"It is fraud to use more than one coupon".She also said,"We will know if you can use more than one coupon as the register will let her know". She took her time and made me feel like a fool.
    She embarassed me and made me feel like I was steeling.
    Anonymous :)

  2. I have such problems at Walmart, which is why I only go there infrequently. The cashiers are usually the last person from the company that customers have contact with and so often they are rude or indifferent, which is uncalled for. Sorry for your experiences.