Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My incredible Walgreens stash- $3.44

This picture is a little hard to see and get a feel for how much "stuff" I got.

I rarely buy candy, but since the bunny will be visiting soon it was time to stock up. Here is what I got...
  • 3 packs Lifesavers jelly beans $0.39 with ad coupon
  • 4 Skittles $0.49, used BOGO IP from facebook
  • 4 Starburst $0.49, used BOGO IP from facebook
  • 4 bags Hershey/Reece's chocolate $2.50 each, used $1 Walgreens coupon plus $2/3 MQ
  • 2 Oscar Mayer Bacon $3, used $1.50 IP on each plus received (2) $1 RR when buying - net $0.50 each!
  • 4 Vanity Fair napkins $1.99/ BOGO, used 2 $1 IP (got all four for $2)
  • 6 Hot Wheels cars $1.29/ BOGO with ad coupon (using for future gifts)
  • 3 Peeps marshmallows $0.50 each
  • 6 Snickers candy bars $0.49, used BOGO MQ
And no, the kids will NOT be getting all that candy!

I used $19 in Register Rewards that I had leftover from the last couple weeks. My out of pocket was $3.44 with an ad/coupon savings of $54.90. I also received $2 back in register rewards.

Be sure to take advantage of the Huggies deal this week if you have a little one in diapers! There are $3 internet coupons available. After the sale, coupons and register rewards you get huggies diapers for $3-$4 per pack!

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