Monday, July 19, 2010

An Ode to bathrooms...or why I have been absent and partially crazy

No, but seriously I need to document my saga in pictures. Feel free to skip this post if you aren't interested.

This is ground zero in the first photo. We took out the vinyl flooring (note the various layers) and were ripping up a layer of plywood. My eldest doesn't understand the subtleties of the bunny ears yet.

Oh, here my husband is wearing a 'strained' look of excitement. We both wore this look for the last several weeks!

Here is my youngest in his construction 'get-up', complete with eye, ear and mouth protection.

This is the bathroom after the texture and paint was done. This was very exciting to me!

At this point you are probably asking yourself "Where did they store the toilet and vanity?
The toilet was just inside the front door (naturally!)

And the vanity was in the master bedroom. Right where everything belonged (dripping with sarcasm!)
Our house is very modest in size and there was NOWHERE else to put this stuff for the last few weeks, which just increased the stress level in the house. Everywhere I looked things were out of place and in the way!

Brace is the big reveal (minus a hanging mirror that I still haven't found. It is really hard to find one that I like.)

New ceramic tile, new door and trim, new shower curtain and rod.
(Vanity, top and toilet were new just 4 months ago so we obviously reused them)

Oh, here is my re-did closet too. The shelves are new, it was painted and new trim up as well.

And another view. As you can tell, all my junk got reloaded back into the bathroom. That was the cheapest job of all! I bribed 3 kids with $1 each to bring it all in for me. Was done in a matter of minutes ~ and happily I might add.

And last thing
Scroll down to reveal what
the room looked like
back in February
before the original
I think the new version is much better, don't you?


  1. Beautiful! Now you can look back and laugh----or is it too soon??

  2. love it Kendra nice job!

  3. Thanks everyone! It is now the nicest room in the house and I just want to lock everyone else out of it!

    Too soon to laugh..I'll give it another week.

  4. Hey Kendra,
    it looks wonderful! I remember it all as the 'old', so it looks pretty nice now! are you liking it all better with the wall color now? you all did a fab job. I really like the toilet by the front door.....ha ha ha!
    Tanya S
    Fargo, ND