Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sometimes you actually DO get these samples!

I have seen these offer numerous times on the blogs:
"Get an (box of samples) from SC Johnson and Right@Home"
It's always limited to the first 5000 people to enter and it can take 6-8 weeks to come in the mail. 
Oh yeah, and you don't know if you were one of the first 5000 until it comes to your door. 
They don't give any kind of response to let you know. 

Well, I must have been one of the first 5000 at some point because the above arrived at my door yesterday!!! 

Happy Dance, Happy Dance

Yes folks, those are a regular box of Ziploc, a 6 pack of the toilet cleaner and
a big pack of Pledge wipes!!

Pretty good freebie if you ask me. I guess I will keep signing up for these things!

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