Monday, June 7, 2010

Walgreens from last week

I realize this was from last week, but I thought I would still share as I try to catch up on my posts.

  • Quaker Oats BOGO $3.19, used (2) $1 IP to get both for $1.19 total
  • Kotex U tampons $3.49, used $1 MQ- got $2.50 register reward to = free
  • Aluminum foil $0.59 each with ad
  • Lysol Cleaner BOGO (rain check from previous week) $2.99, used (2) $1 IP to = $0.99 for both
  • Butterfinger $0.50, MQ to get free

All told, I spent less than $6, got a $2.50 register reward and saved over $11. Works for me!

Special note: be sure to ask for a rain check if something you want is out of stock. It allowed me to get the toilet cleaner cheap even though they were out when I tried to buy it originally.

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