Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pierce's Highlights for the week

Here are the deals as I see them. As always, check out the deals for yourself in case I missed anything!

Page one
Red or Green seedless grapes $0.98/lb
Cantaloupe or Honeydew $1.98 ea
Sweet baby Ray's BBQ sauce $0.98
Doritos or pretzels $1.98
Sara Lee Bread $1.50, a good price for a higher quality bread
Shurfresh chunk or shredded cheese $0.98- STOCK-UP price. put in freezer at this price!

*also, note the Manufacture coupon for $2/4 off Coke 12 packs. Watch for sales elsewhere

Page two
Johnsonville brats $3.50, use MQ ??? $0.55 ???
Hormel country style spareribs $1.88/lb, there is still $1 MQ out there
Gold 'n Plump 1# boneless chicken breast $4, there are $1 IP at gold n plump website
**(although still a little expensive for my taste)
Kraft Philly cream cheese $1.18, use $1 IP from last week online
8th Continent soy milk $2, use $2 IP = free

Page three
Shurfine dill slices $1.50
Country Time drink mix $2, use $1/2 from tearpad
Peter pan peanut butter $1.78
Chicken of the Sea tuna cans $0.75, use $1 IP from last week to get for free or better!
7 up products 2 liters $1
Pepsi products 2 liters $!

Page four
Broccoli $0.98/lb
cucumbers 2/$0.98
Organic mini carrots $1.48, check earthbound farm website for coupons! they came out with some recently!$1/2 was available a week or so ago!

That is all. Let me know if I missed anything!!

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