Sunday, June 13, 2010

JCPenney $10 off $10 deal going on now

So, there is a code right now for JCPenney for $10 off your order. Thanks to Sandra for her scenario below.
JCPenney deal if your interested...this is the second time we have done this, last time it was with the Mothers Day promo code...if you have questions just ask...

Buy something online for around $14.99 (or more if you want)

Enter Coupon code...DADROCKS...and get $10 off a purchase of $10 or more at checkout

That will bring your total to $11.54 (shipping is $5.95, tax and remaining balance after the $10 off)

Then they will offer you after checkout a spot to hit a little red button that says "save $10 off this order"

Sign up for JCP Family Fun Promo, you will need to mail them a copy of your purchase, then they will send you a $10 check back in the mail, which brings your total to $1.54,

(you will need to call and cancel within the month or be charged $9.95 for the program)

but thats not all...

Through JCP you can buy discount gift cards, we bought the gas cards...they let you buy 3 $25 Shell, 3 $25 BP & 3 $25 Mobil gas card for $20 each, saving a total of $45 in free gas! You can also buy discounted cards for Borders, Barnes and Noble, Michaels Crafts and a few others.

Ok, that was as clear as mud, right? :) By doing it 2 times we got $90 in free gas, a few outfits for Brenna and a set of bed sheets for the girls all for free. Gotta love a great deal! :)

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