Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pierce's Highlights

Yes, this is late...Sorry. Don't worry though, it will also be very short and sweet since I have a lot going on here tonight.

So here goes.....

4 Day sale stuff
Kellogg's cereal $1.98, use $1/2 IP or $1.50/3 MQ
Shurfresh popsicles $0.98
Surefresh sour cream $0.68
SF cream cheese $0.88

Page one
Kemps 1/2 gallon milk $1
Bananas $0.38/lb
Seedless grapes $1.48/lb
Lay chips $2.50

Page two
Wild Alaskan cod fillets $3.98/lb
Banquet chicken nuggets $2

Page three
Old Orchard juice $2, there is a coupon out there, unsure of value
Hi C juice boxes $1.66

Page four
Dole salad bags $1.50
2lb Green Giant baby carrots $1.98
Canteloupe $2.28

That is all for now, happy shopping!

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