Thursday, May 6, 2010

Turning the P & G "Future Friendly" deal into a better deal! And JCPenney tips!

Courtesy of a fellow reader (Thanks Vicki!), check out how to use the prepaid mastercard deal into a *wow* at Piggly Wiggly!

for all those TIDE lovers out there, especially if you don't get to target often to get the free individual packs:

Good deal at the Pig today thru next Tuesday.

100oz tide is a decent sale price $9.99 $1MQ

Buy $25 worth of Procter and Gamble Products get a $10 prepaid mastercard.
If you use some of the other coupons from the P & G insert in Sunday’s paper or whatever coupons you have around, you should get some pretty good deals.

My scenario:
2 tides 9.99 & 2 $1MQ
1 12 ct charmin mega roll $5.99 $.25MQ
Total: $25.97 - $10 = $15.97
So if you compare percentages of the original prices to find out after deal price, you’ll end up getting the tides for $5.49 each and the charmin for $3.43…not bad! I'm sure other combinations could probably beat it but its things we use anyway so a nice deal.

And then, if you do the $25 purchase twice (or have other P&G purchases recently) you can qualify for the coupon book that P&G has available if you spend $50 before May 31, they’ll send you a coupon book with high value Q’s totaling $100…even better!

I only had the internet ad so I couldn't see any fine print that may check it out for yourself.

Also, I found out a few weeks ago that you can order items off and have them shipped to Hoopla(downtown portage) for a lower shipping rate (and still apply a coupon code to your order) and they take returns from the website and the stores there...way more convenient than Baraboo or Madison. And, if anyone has any parties to host, Hoopla has 2 or 3 $1 tables with some cute things that might be worth checking out. lots of ballet slipper stuff and some other princessy things, but there are boys things also(i just didn't pay attention much) and adult things too.

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  1. Found boas at JoAnn's without the princess costume.