Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally...My May menu plan is done so we can get back on budget!

Well, due to all the illness in the house during April I never got a monthly menu done.

As a result, the monthly budget was a bust. We relied on several meals of takeout and ate a lot of sandwiches too. Not that sandwiches are bad, but they were eaten fairly regularly for lunches and dinner.

But now I am feeling good and have my energy back so I need to get back onto the meal plan bandwagon. I now realize how wonderful my menu plan was to eat a varied diet, and to save me time.

Here is my May menu, omitting all prior dates of course.

  1. skip
  2. skip
  3. skip
  4. skip
  5. skip
  6. pizza
  7. lasagna from freezer, bread
  8. l: tacos  s: sandwiches
  9. l: out to eat s: quesidillas
  10. chicken, rice, veg
  11. pork ribs, salad
  12. breakfast
  13. pizza
  14. tacos
  15. l: BLT's s: attending fundraiser dinner
  16. l: ham, potatoes, veg  s: leftovers
  17. chicken, stuffing, veg
  18. some sort of Ham leftovers
  19. fish, rice, peas
  20. pizza
  21. spaghetti pie from freezer
  22. sub sandwiches and chips, fruit
  23. kabobs on the grill with veggies
  24. chicken, rice, salad
  25. pork, salad, veg
  26. hamburgers, chips
  27. pizza
  28. tacos
  29. beef roast, tators, veg
  30. l: hot dogs/brats, s: chicken on grill
  31. cookout for the holiday
I am also sooo excited that we finally got our grass-fed beef from a local farm. It is delicious and I am looking forward to eating more of it!

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