Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pierce's Highlighs and comparison to Piggly Wiggly

Here is the list for this week. There are several items that are on sale at both Pierce's and the Pig and I will compare those prices.

Also, on Friday Pierce's is having a "Meat Sale". I have not seen anything in the newspaper showing prices or item so check it out for yourself.

Page one (and little folded page)
International Delight coffee creamer $1.68, there was a $1 IP the other day online
Pillsbury sweet rolls $1.88, use $0.75/2IP
Shurfresh large eggs $0.88- $0.79 at Pig
Strawberries 16 oz $1.50
Crystal Farms cream cheese $1
Tombstone pizza 3/$9.99 - a pretty good price for these
Prego spag sauce $2- buy at Pig for $1.49
Creamette pasta $0.98
Old Orchard Juice cocktail $1.25, use $0.50 IP available about a week ago online

page two
Cook's shank ham $0.98/lb - about the best price now that Easter is past
Frozen wild Alaskan cod fillets $3.98/lb
Daisy sour cream $0.88
Azteca flour tortillas $0.98
Roma frozen pizza 6/$9.96
Rhodes frozen rolls $2.98, use $1 MQ

page three
Knorr rice sides $1, usual sale price
Juicy Juice $2.88, use $1 MQ or $1/2 IP
Oreo $2.50, use BoGO when you buy 1 gallon milk
Dole fruit bowls $2, use $0.75/2 MQ

**note the MQ on page three for $1 off 3 12packs Pepsi- you can use this coupon anywhere, not just Pierce's

page four
dole salad bags $1.50

Whole cut up chicken $0.99/lb
Food club bacon 1 lb $1.99
Boneless skinless chicken breasts $4.99 for 3lb bag
Kraft cheese 2/$4, buy 2 and use coupon in ad for free Ritz crackers!

That is all. Stay tuned for a deal one of your fellow readers figured out in order to take advantage of the P & G Rebate going on at Pig!

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