Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pierce's Highlights for the week

Yes, it's a new week and I actually have time today to post! As always, these are the deals according to me so be sure to check out the ad for yourself.

Page one
Ground beef $1.68/lb
Shurfresh cream cheese $0.88
Peaches/nectarines $0.98/lb
Chicken breasts $4.88 for 3# bag
Lay's chips $1.98
**coupon for $2 when you buy 4 pepsi 12 packs

Page two
Hormel sirloin pork chops or roast $1.88/lb, use $1 MQ to get some cheap!
Tombstone pizza $3.33
Old Orchard frozen juice conc $0.98
Crystal Farms string cheese $2.50
Kraft shredded cheese $2, use $1/2 IP

Page three
Bush's baked beans $1.50
Sweet baby Rays BBQ $0.98
Old Dutch chips $2
Suddenly salad mixes $1

Page four
*in ad coupon for 2 free "10 for $10" items when you buy 10. Many items to choose from, mix or match

Puff's tissues $0.98, use $0.25 MFQ

Page five
*ad coupon for poptarts $3- when you buy two, also use $1/3 MQ
Koolaid $0.12
Knorr rice sides $1
Bear Creek soups $2.88 (these are pretty good!)
Valu time condensed soups $0.48
Caprisun or Kool aid Jammers $2, use $1/2 MQ for Caprisun

Page six
Cantaloupe $1.50
Squash $0.48/lb
Green peppers $0.98/lb

That is all I see for now. Happy shopping! 

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