Friday, January 9, 2009

The no double woes

I love where I live but.....I live in the land where no one doubles coupons. I have only two grocery store options, one being Wal Mart the other is a local company. Our local store also does not accept internet coupons. All this makes couponing and saving money a challenge. Luckily we do have a Walgreen's which helps me find some deals. To make matters worse, my computer is so old, I can not load the coupon printer software to print the online coupons! I rely on my mother or sister to do that. (I email them a list of coupons I'd like and they see what they can find).

Nonetheless, I do manage to find some deals, and here is one that will help me out. KMart is having double coupon days up to and including $2 value in the southcentral Wisconsin area. Check out the KMart web page to see if your local store is participating.

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